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22-24 January 2025

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23-26 April 2024

Bett Asia

2-3 October 2024

Guia da Área de Expositor

Bett exhibitor zone

The Exhibitor Zone allows you to complete your online profile so that Bett visitors can easily find you and your products before, during and after the show.

How does the exhibitor zone pop up work?

When you first log into the Exhibitor Zone it will appear as a pop-up on top of the page you're currently viewing.

You can click the X in the top left corner of the Exhibitor Zone pop up at any time if you'd like to close the Exhibitor Zone and return to the screen you were viewing.

To open the Exhibitor Zone pop up again simply use the Exhibitor Zone panel in the bottom right of your screen and click "Exhibitor Zone"

How to login to the exhibitor zone?

There are two ways you can login to your exhibitor zone. Both ways are accessible at all times.

At the top right of the screen you will see a silhouette icon, if you click a menu will expand and you just need to click "Exhibitor Zone". Click on it and you will be asked to enter your Exhibitor Zone username and password.

What's in the exhibitor zone?

1. Home

The home button enables you to go back to the home screen of the Exhibitor Zone. The home screen of the Exhibitor Zone will from time to time have important reminders.

2. Check list

A handy task list to let you know what other essentials you need to complete.

3. My profile

Upload a profile photo, add a company description and fill in your company details to ensure Bett visitors can contact you.

4. My sector

Select the sector your company operates in (max 3 options).

5. My product categories

Select your product categories to make sure your company is indexed properly on the website (max 5 options). This is so visitors can find you under appropriate filters via our 'search bar' function. 

6. My products

Upload your products to showcase what your company does.

7. My videos

Add your company or product videos by copying the embed code from the likes of YouTube, Vimeo, Souncloud, etc.

8. My brochures

Add your product brochures and help visitors to understand what your products are all about.

9. My press releases

Upload your press releases with new announcements or latest news about your companies, so that journalists and media can easily share it. 

How to choose the right profile logo?

We recommend that you use hi res version of your company logo. This will give Bett visitors an instant view of your company and entice them to view your profile further.

How to resize an image?

We recommend that you don't use images larger than 800 x 800px (width by height).

Most photographers will give you product images which are much larger (Around 3000px) so that you can use them across websites and printed materials. A quick and easy way to crop and re-size images for your online profile is to use pixlr.



Open your image

  1. Choose to "Open image from computer" and select your product image.


How to make your image square

  1. You can use the crop tool to change the shape of your image. If you have a landscape or portrait image you may want to make it square.
  2. To do this select the crop tool and set the constraint to 'Aspect Ratio'. If you want a square image your aspect ratio should be width 1.0 and height 1.0.
  3. Select the area of your image. *Tip - Try to keep your product in the centre of the image with plenty of space around it. This will ensure that your product can be viewed clearly on all types of computers and mobiles.*
  4. Press the Enter button on your keyboard and it will crop to the correct size


How to re-size your image

  1. In the menu at the top click on "Image" and select "Image size"
  2. You can set your width to 800px. The height of the image will automatically adjust.
  3. Click OK.


Save your new image

  1. In the menu at the top click on "File" and select "Save"
  2. Edit the file name if you wish and Click OK. You can leave Format as JPEG and Quality at 80.
  3. Then choose where you would like to save your new image and click "Save"
  4. Your new image will now be in your folder and ready to use


What is a tag?

You will notice that in the "My profile", "My products", "My videos" and "My press releases" section of the Exhibitor Zone there is a space to add Tags.

My profile

You can add tags to this space which help to further describe your company and help the right Bett visitors find you. 

For example: you may sell classroom software. If a user were to search for classroom/software you would appear in the search results. However, you may know that your products are also referred to as 'school supplies' or 'edtech tools' so you could add these words as tags. This would mean that if a Bett visitor searched for 'edtech tools' or 'supplies' in the exhibitor list your profile would come up in the search results. 

My products

You can add tags to this space which help to further describe your products and help the right Bett visitors find them.

It is the same functionality as my profile with regard to tags.

My press releases

You can add tags to your press release which help to  describe what the article is about. For example if you have announced the launch of a new virtual kit for students. You may want to add the tags 'new product', 'launch' 'virtual reality' to your press release.


How do I find my social media links?

In the "My profile" section you will be asked to link your social media channels. This will give Bett visitors access to more information about your company. 

In the box you will need to add your social media URL. A URL is simply the https link you see in the top of your internet browser.

An example of a URL is or You will notice that the second example does not start with https://. Please note that you can use either version of  your social media URL.

To find your social media URL:

  1. Go to your social media page
  2. Highlight your URL which you will find in the top of your internet browser
  3. Right click on the highlighted text and then select "Copy"
  4. Return to your Exhibitor Zone
  5. In the appropriate social media box, right click and select "Paste"
  6. Click "Submit" to save your new entry