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Bett Online Higher Education

Bett Brasil aims to bring trends and innovation and is always connected with every moment. We know the huge challenge the Higher Education Institutions have been facing and we want to collaborate being the platform for debate, new ideas, and transformation of the sector.

During the Bett Online Higher Education Meeting, we will bring relevant themes to the sector, as: HE Management, the future of Colleges and Universities and new technologies for digital transformation.

In this online event, exclusive contents and experiences will be presented to contribute to broaden horizons, inspire new practices, debate management efficiency, micro certifications, the use of new technologies and innovative practices.

Don't be left out, come to Bett HEIs!


09 September 2021 00:00:00

15:00 às 15h30

Official Opening Cerimony

Claudia Valério
Maria Alice Carraturi
Luiz Roberto Liza Curi

15:30 às 16:30

Higher Education Management: how are post-pandemic HEIs?

Celso Niskier
Elisabeth Guedes

17:00 às 18:00

What will be the future of HEIs?

Américo Mattar
José Moran

18:30 às 19:30

Innovation and enabling technologies for digital transformation in Higher Education

Luciano Meira
Patricia Fumagalli
Domingos Machado


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